I know, I know…it’s been ages! It’s been a tough year, but I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, I’ve found my woolly mojo again and have been holed up in Studio 408, WASPS, Meadow Mill, in Dundee designing some lovely new Lambswool accessories.

Of course, the orange one is my favourite…

This little beauty was the most popular, this weekend…

We had Open Studios last weekend and had a wonderful turnout, with over 1,000 visitors. There was a really fantastic atmosphere. There is such a diverse Arts community in the building, I never pass up a chance to see Artists and Designers in their creative space.

the light in my studio is wonderful at this time of year…warm and soft

I’m working on all sorts of different projects with some exciting things to come soon, so I promise to update more often and let you see what’s happening in my new studio. Pop on over to my Facebook page, Made WILD and see if you likey, too.