Much has happened in the intervening months, since I last posted. Some good things and some not so good. One of the main changes has been that I recently found out I’m allergic to wool!! As you can imagine, this is a bit of a handicap since it’s my principal material. It causes puffy, red, runny eyes, a wheezy chest, and nasty skin rashes. I seem to be ok with long carded fibre for spinning, but cut fibre resulting from the felting processes I use, are the worst. It was only when I stopped working with it recently to work on a house design, that I saw the connection. Anyway, the upshot is that me and my felted lambswool are parting company.

My Mixed Media work has been very well received, and in a way, has led me in a circle right back to where I started out. It has always been an important part of my process, and until recently, I hadn’t realised mine or it’s potential.


It’s a topic I taught at Dundee College, and was always one of my most popular classes. Happily, I’ve been asked to run a one day workshop at the DCA in October, combining Mark making, mixed media and textiles. It should be a fun day. I will post a link and more details nearer the time.

The other big change has been my son Sean’s health. He’s had a tough few months, but is thankfully on the mend now. Obviously, studio time has been scarce, but when I have managed to have a day or two, I’ve been working on a really exciting house design for good friends of mine. It is a self supporting timber structure, with a planted roof and strawbale infill. More details and photos to follow, once the final design is off the drawing board. I taught on the Interior and Environmental Design Course at Duncan of Jordanstone, my main areas of interest being, Performative Design and Sustainability. So you see…I have pressed the default. I’m very fortunate to have the freedom, materials, space and skills to allow for this switch and hope to further develop these two areas of interest.

None of this would be possible without the help and support from my wonderful Alan. Life has been tough round these parts lately, but he has never wavered, and has kept me smiling, and supplied with a good Malt, when necessary. What more could a girl ask for?

I’m hoping that this new/old direction will allow the flexibility I need at the moment until Sean is fully recovered. It will be interesting to see where it takes me. I love an adventure!