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You haven’t seen a blog post for ages and then two of them come along at once.

I felt a change in the air this morning and noticed that some of the leaves in the garden had started to turn.  Most of my flowers are waning, but the ones left are predominantly pinks and purples….

This is my first year growing ‘Cosmos’ from seed and I’m really happy with the results…they just keep making new blooms.

This fuchsia was in the garden when we moved here, and struggled initially.  But with lots of care, feeding and pruning, it gives quite a show now.

I love a lily, and although they don’t really fit in with the rest of the garden, I planted some bulbs this year in tubs and was rewarded with this beauty.

Another one of my favourites.  I usually plant the tall blue variety of cornflower in the back garden with Camomile Daisies and Red Field Poppies for company, but this year I tried some multi-coloured dwarf ones.

The bumble bees love these Globe Thistles, they’ve been buzzing around them ever since the blooms popped open.

As I said earlier, the leaves are turning, but there are still delights to look forward to like…..

We have a number of self-seeded Elderberry bushes in the garden, which will turn into Elderberry Port and Jam……

….and brambles for Bramble Jelly.  If I can find enough, I’ll make some wine too.  That should help to keep us warm through the Winter.


I’ve been very lax in my blogging of late, so felt I should show you what I’ve been up to.  I’ve been experimenting with new bits and bobs, including hand spun yarn and buttons…..

single printed buttons to spell out words…..’cosy’

hand-dyed, handspun BFL fleece…..

handwoven, tabby weave covered button.

possible design for cushion cover.

I’m also glad to report that Elena Costella‘s lovely yarn emporium is open again after all the dreadful flooding we had recently.  Elena, Leslie and all the willing helpers really worked hard to get the shop open again as soon as possible, so I hope everyone rushes down to replenish their yarn stash.

My loom is unfolded and ready for action.  I’m going to have a bash at some warp dyeing and have a folder of design ideas to try out.  Not all my activities have been wool related.  I made some yummy scones, using the River Cottage recipe, but replaced the cream with milk, and apple, rhubarb and ginger jam to top them off.  There was also some oranges in need of using, so they were turned into spiced marmalade.

Check out these bad boys!!  Big and crunchy on the outside and fluffy as a fluffy thing in the middle.

I was never keen on Rhubarb and Ginger as a child, but the addition of Apple made this lighter and really more-ish.

I spiced up the marmalade with some nutmeg, two cloves, and a little mixed spice.  I don’t like sweet marmalade, so the spices soften the sharpness of the fruit.

They are all residing in a wee cupboard in the kitchen, which Alan has renamed, ‘Bob Marley’……well there is jammin’.