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It’s been ages and I apologise.  I still need to sort out my time priorities, but I’m working on it…slowly.   Around this time of year we are always on the look out for some special visitors in the garden.  We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by countryside and love watching all the creatures, big, small, feathered and furry, but there is one species that appear in abundance, practically overnight……..

I’m not exaggerating when I say that we get hundreds of wee toads and frogs migrating through our garden.  With all the heavy rain we’ve been having lately, their journey hasn’t been so difficult.  Usually we have to pick them up into containers and transport them over to the burn that leads to the lade where they will grow and eventually spawn.  However, because it hasn’t been too hot, there has been less danger of them drying out or hiding somewhere damp until it’s safe to move.  The only downside is for about 2 weeks we can’t cut the grass and have to be very careful where we walk…..not that we miss cutting the grass!

I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time in the studio.  I have been dying yarn on and off for quite a while for myself and as commissions, and the feedback has been really good, so I decided to take the next step and design some colour ranges to sell.  I’ve been experimenting and am really happy with the results so far.  My own handspun yarn is particularly yummy!

Once I had played about with some other colourways and different fibres, I sat down to work out how they would work together, and which yarns would be most suited for the collections, by season, project and cost.

Over the next wee while I’ll be designing patterns to go with the collections, and hopefully offering them in kit form, as well as individual skeins… watch this space.  They will be available on Ravelry, I am wildwoolwifey, and I will be opening a Folksy shop, too.

In the meantime, I am dreaming up some lovely handpainted warps for my loom, which I will be breaking out very soon.  I’m also knitting a long waited for cable hooded jumper for my hubby.  I’m using handspun oatmeal Blue faced Leicester, which is so soft and gorgeous, with brilliant sheen and stitch definition……my favourite fibre.  Other WIP’s are a blue cardigan for myself, which is nearly there, and tension squares of all the lovely yarn I have been dying.  I like them all so much, I’m not sure how I’m going to part with them.


It’s my first ‘funky friday’.  I hope to bring a new ‘brought to you by…’ every week.  It might be things I have, covet, find or just think are funny or inspiring.  In honour of my new orange hair, here’s the first series of images……

orange insoles in baffie’s……super cosy and 3 new pairs up for grabs here.

orange thread…..

orange marigolds and California Poppies…

my lovely orange uke…..

orange nails…..

orange socks….

and finally, an orange scarf.  Hand dyed and knitted by yours truly.  Have a funky friday, everyone. :o)