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Well, that was some weekend…..I even missed posting ‘funky friday’.  If I had been firing on all cylinders it would have been ‘fuzzy friday’ due to the over indulgence of this, on Thursday evening…….

So much little time

Luckily the weather was brilliant and sunny, so we didn’t look out of place wearing our shades when we visited Crail, in Fife, the following day.  It’s a stunning little village on the East coast with views over to the Bass Rock.  I’d hoped to buy a fresh lobster, but we ran out of time.

There was an amazing sand sculpture right next to the pub….

After our wee jaunt to the coast, we headed home for a Thai meal, cooked by yours truly, without wine this time, and some crochet instruction, for Gabs.

Saturday began at a leisurely pace, and as the weather was looking reasonable, we hopped on a bus to Perth.  We stopped into say hi to Elena, in her Yarn and Fibre shop.  Gabs fell in love with some very large oversized knitting needles, which were swiftly purchased, along with some yarn and a huge crochet hook.  I bought some yarn too, just to be polite, you understand, and then we headed into Perth.

The ‘Trove’ Exhibition was on at the Museum, so we stopped in to have a look round.  Some really amazing glass work by brilliant makers, and well worth the time spent.

Just as we were leaving the Museum the rain was threatening….and we are talking the big splashy stuff, so we ducked into the Concert Hall for a wee libation to wait it out,and boy, did the heavens open.

Luckily, the rain soon stopped and we made it to the bus and home without getting soaked.  When I say home, I mean via the shop with more of the local vino calapso.  Well, I *needed* a bottle of Elderberry to put in the steak and stilton pie I was making for tea….honest gov.  While I made the pie, Gabs prepared various soft fruits to have in a pavlova meringue, which I popped in the oven while preparing the rest of the tea.

We ate so much that PJ’s were in order and then we broke out the new needles and yarn…..

I wasn’t kidding….these needles are BIG!  But the great thing is that in no time at all, you’ve knitted loads…

(oops! fuzzy image)

It was a real treat to have Gabs up to Scotland to stay with us, and I hope it will be the first of many tweet-ups.  We hit it off immediately and have more than a few things in common, including our love of cake, and giggling.  Maybe next time Tony will come too, and Alan will have someone to talk camera’s, and lenses and all things photography shaped….or we might even manage a trip down South.


It may be tipping it down outside, with a sky that wouldn’t look out of place in ‘War of the Worlds’, but I’m all sunny inside.  This time tomorrow, I will be at Perth Railway station waiting to meet Gabriella Buckingham.  Me and Gabs made each others acquaintance on Twitter.  We are two of a group of 5 daft ladies, all as mad as a bag of frogs, but super lovely with it.  The rest of the group are, Helen Rhodes, Mel Anderson and Tia Lush.  For quite some time now, we have been trying our best to have ‘a tweet-up’ so we could finally meet each other in real life, as opposed to over the tinternet.  There have been a couple of nearly arranged trips, but it’s been really difficult to coordinate a suitable time and place as we are scattered all over the country and are all self-employed.

I am the most scattered of the 5 living in Scotland, but Gabs is making an epic 7 hour journey with 4 train changes to come up to see me…….What a trouper!!  Amongst the tomfoolery, there will be crocheting, quoffing, and cultural trips (weather dependent).  Although, there are plenty of waterproofs to be had, so there isn’t much we won’t be able to do.

So far, some of the ladies have met up, sort of meeting halfway, and 3 of the 5 are off to Milan next week to see Take That.  I’m not sure if Milan or ‘the boys’ know what they are letting themselves in for.  Lock up all your shoes, booze and cake, that’s all I can say.  I’m sure there will be many Italian tweets to be read during the trip.

Many Makers out there work from home or in a studio where they have little contact with the rest of the creative world.  Twitter is a brilliant way of linking up with each other, to chat about designs, suppliers, possible leads on opportunities or moral support when things aren’t going to plan.  There are some very talented bloggers out there too, writing with amazing beauty, honesty and humour, all adding to the wealth of support and advice.  We are all part of one big creative melting pot, in different time zones, areas of expertise, and stages of life, but all linked by the need to feel part of a larger community.  I for one am so glad I joined, and can’t wait to meet Gabs tomorrow…..I’m sure it’ll be magic!

It’s my first ‘funky friday’.  I hope to bring a new ‘brought to you by…’ every week.  It might be things I have, covet, find or just think are funny or inspiring.  In honour of my new orange hair, here’s the first series of images……

orange insoles in baffie’s……super cosy and 3 new pairs up for grabs here.

orange thread…..

orange marigolds and California Poppies…

my lovely orange uke…..

orange nails…..

orange socks….

and finally, an orange scarf.  Hand dyed and knitted by yours truly.  Have a funky friday, everyone. :o)

Those of you who know me well are aware of my yarn obsession.  I try to kid myself that it’s all in the name of ‘research’ and totally work related, but who am I kidding.  I love the stuff.  So when I heard tell of a new yarn shop opening only a bus ride away, I was just a little bit excited.  I was crossing my fingers that it would be full of beautiful yarns, accessories and haberdashery items to make my head swim, and not an emporium of acrylic.  Don’t get me wrong…..there’s nothing wrong with acrylic, but getting your hands on anything but acrylic around these parts can be a bit tricky.

Well, Elena Costella Yarn and Fibre did not disappoint!  On approach, the exterior is classy with beautifully dressed windows.

one of the gorgeous window displays

Once inside you are greeted by the soft but intoxicating scent of lily’s and yarn.  It’s difficult to know what to do first, peruse the handmade buttons, grab and fondle the yarn of go straight for one of the big comfy leather sofas and just start knitting!

sofa heaven

Elena worked as designer, editor and journalist of everything knitting shaped at D C Thomsons for 30 years, but has thankfully, left all that behind to offer our area this haven to everything fibre and yarn related.  There is a knitting group every Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm, where chatting and cake are mandatory, so I will be trying my best to get along.  One knitter makes a special trip from Edinburgh!

And what did I purchase…..well I was very good and bought some lovely buttons for a cardigan I am making.

….and a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock wool, which is destined to become a crocheted summer shawl.

Elena is a complete delight and I wish her all the luck in the world, although I suspect she doesn’t need it…..her shop is FAB! And it goes without saying, that she’ll be seeing me again very soon.