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As you know from my previous post, I’m one of the Maker’s of the Month for Concrete Wardrobe, in Broughton Street, Edinburgh.  When James and Fiona invited me, it was suggested that I could design something special for the window.  Well…where to start? My collection is mostly accessories, so I didn’t want to stray too far from that area.  I fiddled around with ideas, and finally came up with a design for a cape.   The definition of words is commonly a starting point for my work.  Cape works well on two levels,  not only as a ‘sleeveless outer garment fastened at the throat, and worn hanging over the shoulders’, but also as, ‘a point or head of land projecting into a body of water.’

The colours, textures and form of the cape were directly inspired by the coastal headland around Auchmithie, on the East coast of Scotland.  It was my favourite beach when I was growing up.

It’s a pebble beach, covered in some of the most beautiful stones.  I recently spent 3 whole days there recording the sound of the sea, collecting, photographing and making small site specific yarn related things.

……hand dyed yarn, found pebble and seaweed.

…..natural yarn, crocheted and attached.

…..abandoned boat, with the mist lifting.

You never grow out of looking for ‘stuff’ in rock pools.  Although the weather was pretty poor with the haar off the water taking hours to clear, it was still a wonderful experience.  It was very much a case of….to sea, but not seen.

As usual, most of my pictures were of the macro variety, leaving Alan to take some wonderful seascapes.

The resulting cape design consists of a combination of azure knitted felt, vintage checked tweed and some gorgeous self-coloured Harris Tweed, finished off with a wooden button.  I hand dyed the silk lining to create an effect redolent of water ripples.

This cape is a one off never to be repeated design, and I have to say that I found it difficult to part with!  I hope it finds a lovely home and is enjoyed by whoever buys it.


Those of you who know me well are aware of my yarn obsession.  I try to kid myself that it’s all in the name of ‘research’ and totally work related, but who am I kidding.  I love the stuff.  So when I heard tell of a new yarn shop opening only a bus ride away, I was just a little bit excited.  I was crossing my fingers that it would be full of beautiful yarns, accessories and haberdashery items to make my head swim, and not an emporium of acrylic.  Don’t get me wrong…..there’s nothing wrong with acrylic, but getting your hands on anything but acrylic around these parts can be a bit tricky.

Well, Elena Costella Yarn and Fibre did not disappoint!  On approach, the exterior is classy with beautifully dressed windows.

one of the gorgeous window displays

Once inside you are greeted by the soft but intoxicating scent of lily’s and yarn.  It’s difficult to know what to do first, peruse the handmade buttons, grab and fondle the yarn of go straight for one of the big comfy leather sofas and just start knitting!

sofa heaven

Elena worked as designer, editor and journalist of everything knitting shaped at D C Thomsons for 30 years, but has thankfully, left all that behind to offer our area this haven to everything fibre and yarn related.  There is a knitting group every Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm, where chatting and cake are mandatory, so I will be trying my best to get along.  One knitter makes a special trip from Edinburgh!

And what did I purchase…..well I was very good and bought some lovely buttons for a cardigan I am making.

….and a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock wool, which is destined to become a crocheted summer shawl.

Elena is a complete delight and I wish her all the luck in the world, although I suspect she doesn’t need it…..her shop is FAB! And it goes without saying, that she’ll be seeing me again very soon.

There are a whole host of beautifully designed, handmade wares up for grabs in St Andrews, this coming week.  Fife Contemporary Art and Craft are holding a pop-up shop in St Andrews.  I shall be sharing the shelves with the likes of Lovely Pigeon, James Donald, Jane Gowans, Hannah Nunn and Claire Heminsley, to name, but a few.  I feel honoured to be included. Well worth a special trip.

'gather' shore detail