As you know…I’m a knitter, amongst other things.  I used to be of the ‘find a pattern, select the yarn and knit the project’ kind of knitter.  I wouldn’t buy yarn on a whim, or hoard patterns.  I would only start one project at a time and keep going until it was finished…..even if I couldn’t stand the sight of it, by the end.  I went through a love/hate relationship with knitting for a while during my teens and early 20’s.  I am flighty and easily bored, so having only one project on the go, unless it was small and quick, became more of a chore than a joy.

However, things change……I am now the proud owner of a comfortably large, but not ridiculous, stash of yarn and have several projects on my needles, so I thought I’d share my Work In Progress.

This is the back of a jumper I’m knitting for my lovely hubby.  I’m using my own hand spun 2ply in gorgeous Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester.  The yarn has a slight slub to it and is chunky weight.  The finished jumper will have a pouch pocket, hood and 3 buttons at the neck.  I got the idea for the design from ‘The Knitter’ Issue 14. The pocket and hood will have a cable pattern and I may run it up the sleeves, but I haven’t made my mind up yet…..

I’ve been dying up some gorgeous luxury yarns and knitting up samples using different stitches to see how they work.  This is a wee sample using ‘Elderberry’ laceweight Bluefaced Leicester.  Can you tell, it’s my favourite fibre?  There is quite a strong variegation, so a simple stitch pattern works well.  One of the semi-solid yarns would work more successfully with a more intricate pattern….

This one is purely for fun!  I’ve always wanted a traditional knitted cosy, but have never gotten round to making one, until now.  It will have two big pom poms on the top.

Would you believe I’ve never knitted socks!  I have crocheted quite a few pairs, so decided to have a go…..not having the fun I thought I’d have, so these bad boys are destined to be welly tops instead.  I’m using pure wool DK from New Lanark Mill in Cherry, and birch dpn’s.  Birch needles are probably my favourite, but I do use bamboo, steel and plastic, depending on the project and yarn.

My blue/lilac/purple/jade cardigan is almost completed.  I didn’t like the cabled yoke in the pattern so have changed the design.  It has short sleeves and three buttons at the neck.  I bought the yarn from MCA Direct in Stirling, and the finished cardie will be for wearing in the studio.  The short sleeves will be super practical for when I’m dyeing…..I have more dyed cuffs than I care to admit!

….and where does one put ones stash when the footstool is full?  In the fireplace, of course!  Colourful, cosy and full of potential…..a bit like me, really.